I’m a Fan – [Colby Lafayette]

Everybody’s favorite Los Angeles rockstar Colby Lafayette is back with a new single video for “I’m a Fan.” This video is so interesting and kind of weird but in a good way. Colby and a woman are seen stumbling out of a room in an apartment as they struggle to pull open a door into the outside world. As the video progresses and Colby ventures out into the world the mood of the song changes in the second half. At the beginning of the single, he has a quirky yet interesting melody. Towards the end, Colby switches to more of a rap flow. This is one of the more dynamic skill sets that may Colby Lafayette such an intriguing artist. With most of 2021 still ahead of us we hope and EP is on the horizon sooner than later.

Watch Colby Lafayette’s new video for “I’m a Fan” after the break for yourself.