ILL WAIT REMIX – [Yung Gwapa] x [GSambo]

“It’s getting spooky ’round this b****,” is my favorite introductory line from a rapper I’ve heard in recent memory. Yung Gwapa and GSambo sure weren’t wrong in saying that either, with a scary-good remix to Detroit star Peezy’s “ILL WAIT,” which dropped earlier this month.

Halloween’s upon us, and Chicago mogul Yung Gwapa brought together a frightful collaboration with GSambo on this track. We already knew the beat was a hit after Peezy’s hardbodied work on it, but the added flavor that these two artists sprinkle on top is something that’s got their listeners drooling.

The two have formed an aggressive combo that looks hard to defend, with their sounds interweaving and bouncing off each other flawlessly throughout the track. They made this beat their own just as Peezy did.

Perfect Take production, the music video is just as raw as the track. High-quality video is a given nowadays, but the cinematic nature of this visual —  lighting, transitions, speed effects, and scene environment — all make this accompanying video feel like a movie.

Gwapa, a known mogul and CEO in the industry, has rejuvenated his musical artistry after taking time to develop other aspects of his career, and listeners are ecstatic. His work is doing numbers as expected, and things are only looking up from here. GSambo has continued to solidify his name among rising superstars with consistent heat, accumulating impressive stream numbers with every drop.

This duo is going to be a tough one to stop. Watch and listen to “ILL WAIT REMIX” on YouTube below!