Bari has been closing off 2019 strong with a bombardment of new songs that he seems to just be dropping at will. He’s dropped five new songs in the past month alone, each expanding the breadth of the Chicago-via-St. Louis artist’s sound while still sticking to his base of melodic, effortless flows as the through-line tying each track together. This week, he added yet another new single to his roster titled “IITE SHAWTY”.

Coming in at just under three minutes, this track functions more as a teaser of what he’s been cooking up as opposed to a completely finished thought. With that said, Bari makes the most of the brief runtime, making his presence immediately felt through his lighthearted rhymes accented by synths and 808s from one of his righthand producers @Prodxvzn. It feels like the track catches a spur of energy before its gone, capturing a strike of lightning in a bottle and delivering as the type of song you put on right before you leave the crib for whatever the night has in store. Time and again this year, Bari’s proven he’s at his best when he doesn’t take himself too seriously, and “IITE SHAWTY” serves as another testament to that carefree mindset.