ignorance is bliss – [aldn]

There are definitely a handful of artists that I write about regularly because I am just such a big fan, but I try to avoid doing this too often because sometimes I just run out of things to say to do the releases justice without repeating myself over and over again. While this is a problem when I try and talk about various talents, I always try and write about new music from aldn considering he legitimately never releases anything that sounds cyclical or the same as other drops prior, so I pretty much have a never-ending flow of great things to say, and I would be lying if I said that he was anything less than one of my personal favorite musicians in the current generation of music.

Not only is all of his music so unique, but there is also a constant flow of new songs, visuals, and projects, so even before you’ve replayed these things to the point where you could sing along in your sleep as I have, he drops something brand-new that seems to be better than ever, so I think it is safe to say his upcoming EP Good Grief is going to be just another spectacle once again. As if the anticipation for this project wasn’t high enough, he released another self-produced single called “ignorance is bliss” just a few days ago along with an interesting first-person point-of-view music video that is truly one-of-a-kind, just like aldn.

Although the hyperpop label may have been forced upon him from the moment he gained some traction within his career, this song is anything but hyperpop, and if nothing else, it teeters along the lines of rock more than anything else. With some powerful electric guitar stums, a lively guitar cadence, and a slightly granular filter placed on his vocals, this track has attitude and power just oozing from every single crevice there is.

As far as aldn’s vocals go, I think he has done a spectacular job of proving that he has way more personality and enthusiasm within himself, but that hadn’t really come out very much until his EP predictable came out, and I love seeing this side of him continuously progress and develop, because it has had me captivated ever since I first realized he was capable of a sound like this. I’m honestly not entirely sure when Good Grief is set to release but considering aldn has such a diverse and complex discography, I think we have more than enough music to keep us entertained for the near future to hold us over.