ifhy – [ericdoa]

Between artists, producers, and a number of other creatives, NEILAWORLD has become ubiquitous in the SoundCloud world and beyond. Not only does their roster span over a colorful selection of sounds and styles, but the way that the group has managed to translate SoundCloud-born momentum into a cross-platform force is nothing less than crucial. Today, highlighting just one member of their ever-talented roster, we’re here to shed a light on ericdoa and his latest single, “ifhy,” released just under a month ago to date.

Coming in at 2 minutes and 49 seconds in length, “ifhy” is a charming release for numerous reasons, a central one of which is the catalog that it exists within. Over the years, ericdoa has orbited around hip-hop just as much as he has indie and even alternative music, never shying away from his clearly-broad palette of tastes. And yet, even while weaving between several genres, the CT-based talent has managed to slowly improve his chops in each stylistic area, with “ifhy” acting as perhaps his best release to date in the more poppy, alternative space.

Ericdoa has proven his worth as a genre-agnostic artist many times over, and with songs like his latest, it feels as though this artistic journey is reaching new heights. Show some love to “ifhy” below and tune in to see which direction ericdoa heads next:

Produced by pacific