If You Must Go – [Sækyi]

Sometimes music just really hits home, and although the typical music I listen to on the day-to-day might not share these more sincere messages, I love to get in tune with these songs because they give me a chance to reflect on the past and think about where I could have done better throughout my life. Sækyi is someone who I haven’t had a tone of listening experience with, but the handful of songs that I have heard have opened my mind and shown me that life isn’t always easy, but as long as you have the chance to express yourself and learn from your mistakes, you can be a better person for it.

In his most recent song “If You Must Go”, he shares a very honest and difficult message in a way that had my attention from the moment I heard the Dan Edinberg and Noah Terefe-produced instrumental. Not only is his message powerful and heartfelt, but his sonic diversity is beyond impressive considering he raps with passion and displays a fair share of serenading as well. While the majority of the record showcases his soothing and vehement singing abilities, the final verse is where he resorts to rapping, using it almost as one last plea for the recipient of his narrative to not leave him.

This all makes sense when listening to the lyrics because he shares a story about how he has fooled around and acted childish many times throughout what I presume is a relationship he was in, so although he understands why they might want to leave, he almost begs them to stay and give him one final chance to prove that he has changed and he wants to be with them. When that doesn’t seem to happen, he falls down a rabbit hole of frustration, regret, and karma, realizing that the only thing he can do besides pleading for forgiveness is to berate himself with insults of immaturity and remorse.

Although we might not know the exact situation that Sækyi is going through or who he is referring to, this is a story that I’m sure most of us have dealt with in some form or another, so it’s relatable and applicable on many different levels. Sækyi’s talents truly span much deeper than the surface, and with an album dropping on October 11th, I can’t wait to see what other skills he shows off as this song gets accompanied by a handful of other sure-fire hits.