If You Love Me-[ALLY] feat. [Gretchen]

ALLY is no stranger to the pages of Lyrical Lemonade whatsoever. Back in June, the Tennessee based talent made it onto our publication for the release of her dual single, “Myself, this time/Lock My Door”. The two tracks were honestly some of the most impressive offerings that I’ve seen from the up and comer and today, she’s back with fire song that will leave no question as to why ALLY is on her way to creating something special for herself. 

“If You Love Me” is the latest release under the singer/songwriter’s belt and it really might be my favorite so far. We all knew ALLY had some serious vocal power, but throughout these verses she really holds nothing back and showcases her complete range and control in a way that I haven’t seen before. “If You Love Me” is an R&B track through and through but what makes this one shine even more is the addition of Gretchen, a great friend and well-known collaborator of ALLY. The inclusion of Gretchen was such a smart move as she added her own personal flare and swagger onto this vibey track.

These girls really did their thing with this one and ya’ll have to check it out. I’ve attached the Spotify link down below, so give it a listen and let us know what you think!