IDK WHERE – [Yeek]

As of late, Florida has developed a fascinating, deeply diverse identity in the cutting edge of music. From the ample supply of sound-shifting, trend-setting rap coming out of the state to the hip-hop-influenced indie of artists such as Yeek and Dominic Fike, the state is seeing a broad mutation in sound, style, and image. Barriers between genres are becoming increasingly blurred, artists are developing wide arrays of skill and sound, and more than anything, the music is just as incredible as it is unique, making Florida a must-watch area. That said, today, we introduce one of FL’s finest representatives right now — the aforementioned Yeek — with his brand new EP, IDK WHERE.

Right in line with the connotation of the title, the latest from Yeek is a release that burrows right in between genres, blending a lively supply of influence into one, undeniably energizing style. The project arrives packed with stories of reflection and introspection, and quite often, it seems to shift further from an audience-intentive release into an almost diary-esque style of writing — that is, to the listener’s pleasure, of course, as the deeply personal lyricism resonates so well without compromising identity in the process.

On both a sonic scale and a songwriter’s scale, Yeek lets loose one of his most impressive bodies of work to date, even supplying fans with unbelievable collaborations alongside a few of my favorite current artists, Jesse from The Neighbourhood, UMI, and fellow Floridian Dominic Fike. IDK WHERE is a blend of beautiful, soul-searching anthems and bursts of galvanizing vulnerability, making this one a must-listen for all of our readers out there.

That said, be sure to stream IDK WHERE below and let us know what you think in the comments!