IDK WHAT TO TELL YOU – [Bktherula]

If you’ve paid any attention to the current music scene as it is right now, you should already understand the Bktherula has been tearing things up as of late. Although she hails from Atlanta, she is making some of the most intricate, impressive, and diverse music in the entire country, sounding reminiscent of nothing but herself and her own tailored style. Whether she goes from rapping hard-nosed bars on even more aggressive instrumentals or singing some soothing, somewhat melancholic notes on a variety of indie-inspired records, Bk can do it all, and she showed that with her latest project Love Black.

Out of all the wonderful tracks on this project, one that truly stuck out to me was the project’s closer “IDK WHAT TO TELL YOU” which was actually co-produced by star Mac DeMarco, so when he adds his own little spice into things, you know it’s going to be magnificent. Luckily, she kept the fun going with her brand-new Breakneck Visuals-shot music video for the song, and it’s even better than I ever could have imagined. Opening up, she meets a lovely lady in the park for a picnic, and things only seem to continue to get better from there.

Heading from the park to the movie theater, to a bench under the light of a lamppost, the two seem to enjoy their day of fun together. In the movie theater scene, there are a couple of masked individuals who come into play later, but before this, there appears to be a falling out between the two as the love interest leaves Bk, leaving her alone on a bench at night. Chasing after her, Bk finds the girl talking to the masked individuals, and when she finally catches up and turns her around, the girl is now masked up as well, proving that something changed.

Before she knew it, Bk also had a mask on and all of her memories with this girl slowly but surely faded away, leaving Bk alone with her thoughts. This visual is much deeper and more plot-driven than I expected going into it, making it a video that I was thoroughly impressed by. Bktherula never seems to miss and her latest music video for “IDK WHAT TO TELL YOU” is even more evidence of this, so make sure you check it out whenever you find some time.