IDGAF- [Rico Nasty]

One of the most fascinating artists in the game right now has to be Rico Nasty. She has an addictive personality with an out of this world style, and she is unapologetically herself which isn’t always easy for someone when they’re in the public eye. All of her music gives off the impression that she just wants to have fun and entertain herself when she walks into the booth, and the rest of the magic just naturally ensues.

For her first release of the new year called “IDGAF”, she’s back proving once again that she’s going to be herself and obviously doesn’t care what other people think. With an almost R&B sounding piano that offers a feeling of being elevated up into the clouds, Rico provides a lighthearted, layered hook that literally spells out the meaning of the acronym that the song is named after. She continues with the same message and style going into her verse, expressing her viewpoint that she has excelled far past her competition and she’s going to continue to outshine them for as long as she has the opportunity.

Once you listen to the song, it’s almost funny how the overall vibe and relaxed, carefree beat completely contrasts the messages she expresses throughout. They say opposites attract, and the broad spectrum of conflicting undertones that are expressed in “IDGAF” lead to a really solid offering from Rico Nasty to start her year off right. I’m not sure if I should tell you to light some candles and get as tranquil as possible or if I should suggest smashing a TV with a baseball bat while giving this new song a listen. Either way, one thing is certain, and that’s the fact that you need to give “IDGAF” a spin in one setting or another.

Words by Danny Adams