iced tea – [kmoe]

Vancouver’s kmoe has exploded out of the underground scene to become one of the best new acts out. Being only 16, the young prodigy doesn’t really have many strict rules when he records his music in terms of what his sound is. We covered his glitchy hyperpop hit “fumes” with Blackwinterwells earlier this month but that was really just the introduction. While kmoe is heavily involved in the underground scene producing some of the most exciting new artists, his most recent release proves he is capable of making songs destined for massive radio play.

Today, kmoe dropped a new single titled “iced tea” that shows off his vocal talents over larger than life strings and keys. While the song starts off somber, as soon as the grandiose chorus comes through and what sounds like an entire orchestra begins filling up the soundscape you begin to become completely immersed in the song. there is no denying the magical feeling this record leaves you with. To accompany the song, kmoe directed the video to show off his quirky personality and what a day in the life of a superstar in the making is all about.

There has been a lot of praise on our pages of artists who have seen a lightning-fast rise to prominence with the newfound appreciation by the masses for the quality music that exists solely on SoundCloud. While kmoe is still trying to find his footing as an artist, the future is without question extremely promising for the young artist who can do it all. Beyond vocals that stand out solely on their own, kmoe also produces a majority of his music. This quality makes him one of the most versatile talents I’ve come across as of late. Excited is an understatement when thinking about where kmoe could take his career from this point but one this is for certain, the kid will be a star.

Stream “iced tea” on all platforms here and watch the video below!