Iced Tea – [Joyce Wrice] ft. [KAYTRANADA]

As most of my regular readers know, KAYTRANADA is one of my favorite producers ever, and thanks to him, I have found out about numerous amazing talents that might not necessarily make the kind of music that I’d normally listen to, but when they’re featured on one of his instrumentals, I can’t help but groove along to the music. The most recent example of this is Joyce Wrice, a San Diego native who I didn’t know an extensive amount about, but when a press release came through my email inbox with her name alongside KAYTRA’s, I wasted no time acquainting myself with the songstress’s background in this industry.

Her debut album Overgrown seemed to really put her on the map in the R&B world, receiving high praise for the project that was leveled up even more thanks to features like Freddie Gibbs, Lucky Daye, Masego, KAYTRA himself, and a few more talents. So, since Joyce and KAYTRA are no strangers to one another, I was excited to see that they have an EP called Motive on the way, and although that isn’t expected until October 7th, they dropped their single “Iced Tea” which served as the perfect introduction to the rising star for me.

Per usual, the beat is so smooth, jazzy, and intoxicating, while it’s Joyce’s croons that really piece things together for one of the most soothing and poised tracks you’ll hear all week. In the Xavier Tera-directed music video, Joyce takes a page out of Quentin Tarantino’s book for a Kill Bill-inspired motion picture that begins with her ordering an iced tea at the counter of a diner, speaking in a language that I presume to be Japanese based on the language spoken in the original film.

From here, Joyce goes on a tirade as the scene transitions to an animated anime-style, allowing for blood to splatter as she takes care of business in a very gruesome yet interesting fashion. Finally, the scene ends with Joyce answering the question she originally posed which inquired about the difference between avenge and revenge, stating that revenge is justice for her, even if the definition of the word says otherwise. Although I hadn’t quite tapped in with Joyce Wrice prior to this single, I left my first listen and watch with a greater sense of appreciation for her art, and I am certainly eager to see what she and KAYTRANADA come up with for the rest of the EP when it drops in just about a week from now!