Iceberg – [Ola Runt]

Atlanta has birthed the careers of countless artists and the east side of the city has particularly had quite the impact on the music industry at large, providing the blueprint for a new generation of street rappers. However, the region has hit a bit of a lull in the past year after most of its trailblazers have reached mainstream heights, creating a type of vacuum of power for a new artist to come in and seize the underground scene. After months of speculation about who would seize the attention and enter the void that was left by the likes of 21 Savage, Young Nudy, and a host of others it seems that Ola Runt will be the next big Zone 6 star.

Ola’s anthemic and raucous single and video for “Feel Like Guwop” has emerged as the newest track to grab the attention of the streets, but in addition to this he has been pumping out a heaping helping of hard releases including his emotional video for “Church Cry” as well as his menacing track “Hush Mouth” featuring Young Nudy. His latest, and in my opinion his best to date, offering “Iceberg” is his most well-rounded and best produced single yet. AR and Iceberg handled the production and their instrumental possesses a particular cosmic quality thanks to its spacey melody that was accented nicely by the thumping percussion which wrapped the beat together in a perfect fashion for Ola to obliterate it.

Ola leaves no doubt about his vocal ability from the first bar with little autotune on his voice, proving any doubts about his natural talent wrong. In addition to being a marvel of Ola’s natural knack for delivery, “Iceberg” also exhibits his lyrical propensity, dropping in some treats by way of similes and other clever lines as well. Beyond the musical component of this visual, Rook’s direction and editing of the video are simply fantastic and his transitions with both the freezer and the gang-signs are unique and fantastically creative. There is little doubt in my mind that Ola Runt will be the next street titan to shoot up out of Atlanta and he is already on pace to do so in 2020.