Ice Spice – [NLE Choppa]

I think one of the most interesting people in the music scene today might be NLE Choppa, and while he may have been through a number of creative changes and adjustments throughout his career already, he has never failed to make a hit whenever he pleases. When he first started popping off a few years ago, he was only 16 or 17, so the fact that he made such a splash at such a young age is very notable and impressive, to say the least. Well, he just turned 20 years old and considering he already has over 5 billion streams globally and 13 RIAA-certified plaques under his belt before he can even take his first legal sip of alcohol, I think that regardless of your opinions on him, you have to give credit where credit is due.

He never fails to bring the heat and exude energy no matter what song he releases, and that reputation is lived up to once again in his latest video single “Ice Spice”. When you have Tay Keith on the production, you already know you’re going to get an unforgettable beat, and CuBeatz helped bring this one to new levels, but nothing will overshadow NLE’s notable flows in this track. He is on the prowl, rifling through rampant bars full of his unmatched enthusiasm, and while he isn’t quite as aggressive as he has been in other songs prior to this, I think it’s impossible to not come off as at least slightly aggressive when examining his track record.

However, I think this can easily be mixed up with his unique confidence that is just exemplified as hostility, but either way, it really does get the blood pumping. The waterwippinevan-directed music video is just another piece of this drop that adds to the record’s undeniably infectious charm, so make sure you don’t miss out on the Memphis icon’s latest music video or single and check it out below.