Ice Cold – [Tony E]

New York rapper Tony E is back with his highly anticipated new EP Ice Cold. Rarely do I click on artists in the comments but thankfully I did because I found a hidden gem in the New York area. It may feel like the only prominent sound coming from the area is drill music. But digging deeper below the surface you’ll find many interesting sounds. On Ice Cold, Tony gives you a little bit of everything. He has gritty raps, underground virtual production, traditional, jersey club, and even some pop-leaning ballads. This record is the perfect length too topping out at 14 songs and a 30-minute run time. Tony E is a rapper with a sound that can be tailored to all types of listeners and is easy to listen to. With the right plays, I can see him accumulating a lot of motion in 2024.

Stream Tony E new project Ice Cold in its entirety after the break.