Ice Cold- [Lil Tjay]

All the moves that Lil Tjay has been making since taking the Hip-Hop industry by storm have been remarkable. Not only has he had a hand in bringing some of the biggest and best songs to life, but he has formed a solid fanbase of loyal admirers that truly cheer him on every step of the way. It makes sense, though, because he has one of the most unique voices in all of Rap, standing out amongst so many clones of the same sound who just make repetitive music if we’re being honest. For a split second, I had possibly thought that he used all of his vocal effects to boost an average voice, but then I saw a video of him singing without any of these effects and it was better than I could’ve ever imagined. He’s almost like T-Pain in that sense, where he already has an incredible voice that is able to just add elements to songs that bring them to new levels. What’s even more incredible is the fact that Tjay literally just turned 19, which means a teenager is changing the industry and blowing up even more than a lot of artists who are multiple years older than him.

Recently, he took to the internet in order to deliver a video for his brand-new song “Ice Cold”, which is another undeniable hit. The production is made up of tender piano keys, touching synths, and consistent percussion, as well as very impactful drums. In order to add depth to the offering, Tjay’s background vocals are even more heavily autotuned as he hums along, bringing new elements to an already impressive beat. Tjay’s voice is emotional and moving, as he sings about hardships he has faced in his life and how rough this world can be. What’s great about him is the fact that he’s such a dynamic artist. He can make moving songs like this but also hop on a party anthem and the results are just as successful. This versatility is what has been gaining attention for him and his music, and it’s what will play a large part in his continued success in the Hip-Hop world. As the title suggests, he talks about how cold the world is as he touches on topics like kids dying in the streets, the increasing jail population, and police brutality and misconduct. While all these negative things keep revealing themselves in society today, Tjay mentions how he tries to spread words of love on positivity in order to give hope to those who really need it.

For the video, he keeps things simple but uses underlying themes to tie back to his lyrics. One of these things is actually an entire setting he places himself in, which is notably in the middle of a cemetery. This is most likely used to emphasize the topics of death and violence that he speaks about throughout the song. While in the cemetery on a dark, dreary day, he’s decked out in his icy chains, a Moncler jacket, and a face mask, possibly due to the fact that it was most likely recorded during the pandemic. He also flexes his success in a subtle fashion as he walks through his pool room in what must be his home, where all of his gold and platinum records are hanging on the wall behind him. Tjay then visits some candlelit memorials on the side of the street which seem to be for people he knew before they passed away, way too soon. You can see the pain in Tjay’s eyes as he looks at the pictures above the candles, knowing that he wishes the world had a different outcome for these friends of his.

The visual is touching and does a wonderful job of tying the lyrics in with the video. Whether it was recorded on dreary days or at night in the city, Tjay clearly has a deeper connection to his words than fans might consider after hearing them right off the bat. While it’s evident during certain scenes he’s living a good life, that doesn’t mean that it’s perfect, so he just keeps moving on and tries to make as positive of a life as possible for him and his family. Some exciting news comes with this new offering, however, and that is the announcement of a brand-new mixtape called State of Emergency. While it is unclear when the release date is, I’m thinking that it should be in our hands sooner rather than later considering all the time everyone seems to have on their hands during this time. While we wait for additional updates on that project, don’t miss out on Lil Tjay’s fantastic new song “Ice Cold”.