Babyface Ray continues his walk up to the top, with “I75.”

“Face how you make it to the top? I just walked up.”

It feels like BabyFace Ray has efficiently and consistently climbed his way to the top of my most-listened-to artists, and I’d bet many other rap listeners can say the same. It feels like I’m getting antiquated with more of his hits week after week, especially with his latest project¬†Summer’s Mine, though not many have been replayed more this season than “I75.”

This is one of those joints that I knew I was gonna rock with from the jump, as the keyboard melody and drum pattern had me hooked before Face even took to the mic. What I didn’t realize was just how much he was going to capitalize. His signature sound makes for irresistible verses (as expected), but the hook he came up with sets this joint apart. I think I’ve replayed this track 43 times just in the last few days as I’ve been traveling, and I don’t that the play count will be slowing down in the near future either. He blessed listeners with a simple visualizer, something simple that avid listeners like me love when a full visual isn’t in the picture.

If you haven’t already, tap into I75 on YouTube below.