I Will Not Break – [Kevin Rudolf] ft. [Lil Wayne]

By: Stacy Burse, Jr.

About 11 years since their smash hit single, “Let It Rock”, rock artist Kevin Rudolf and rap superstar Lil Wayne team up together again for a more introspective track called “I Will Not Break”. The song’s sound is a mixture of rock and rap, and only adding to this, both artists share their truths with introspective, yet motivational, lyrics, delivering lines such as the following, placed right at the end of the chorus from Rudolf:

“I’m a survivor, that’s what I’ve done
I’ll never go back to where I came from
I will not stop, I will not break
I will not break, I will not break.”

In addition, as most of us know, 20-year rap veteran Lil Wayne will always bring what’s needed to body a feature. In this verse, Wayne’s contribution is short but full of metaphors that get the message across, detailing how he has been in the rap game for years and what he’s learned along the way.

With this being Rudolf’s first single in over 5 years, I feel like this is a great return to the spotlight, especially with a feature from Lil Wayne. Boasting over 10 years in the music world, Rudolf has always been a diverse artist and has never shied away from the rap/rock mix in songs, which leads me to say that I’m very interested in what Kevin has cooking up next!

Check out the video below and let us know what you think in the comments.