i want you – [DC the Don]

I know I always seem to write about anything new that DC the Don comes out with, but when he is constantly releasing an influx of unbelievable songs, projects, and music videos, how could I not try and share them with as many people as I can? His album My Own Worst Enemy was not only extensive, but it also featured an inner monologue between characters like the more caring, meaningful side of his personality he dubs RAG3 KIDD and the more demonic, hellish side of himself known as DONNY.

I love when there is more to a story than the music itself, and considering DC understands that not everything in hip-hop has to always relate to drugs, money, or women, this allows him to give us an alternate storyline that is even more compelling, at least in my opinion. While I do personally prefer the more chaotic, belligerent version of DC more than anything else, I do appreciate and recognize that even when he does slow it down on more melodic ballads, he is able to do so gracefully and smoothly without sounding like he’s totally out of his comfort zone, and that is more obvious than ever on his song “i want you” produced by Trademark, KillMxtt, and XoBenny.

Thankfully, he teamed up with one of his awesome go-to directors/editors 713Bran who absolutely crushes the cinematography on the video for this record, and I couldn’t be happier that it’s out. This one is much different than a lot of the other mini-movies that have accompanied songs off of the album because unlike those dark and often violent portrayals, this one shows DC spending some time in the sun while on vacation in some tropical-looking destination.

Even though certain moments seem to show him dealing with some sort of heartbreak or something else on his mind, he still manages to catch some rays and enjoy some most beautiful weather on the planet. I really loved this change of pace compared to his other recent visuals, and although I can’t say with confidence that this is the new vibe we can expect from DC moving forward, I can say for certain that it’s an awesome music video that you’re going to want to check out if you were a fan of his record “i want you”.