I Wanna Know – [Jay Gwuapo] x [TJ Porter]

The New York hip-hop scene may be as vibrant as ever, and helping push the envelope are NYC artists Jay Gwuapo and TJ Porter, from Brooklyn and the Bronx respectively. The young duo collaborated on their new track “I Wanna Know” in which the two seek closure and answers in their relationships. “I wanna know, yeah I wanna know, should I hold in all this pain, should I let it go? Should I find another bitch, and take her on the road?”

Gwuapo’s auto-tune infused light vocals complement his calls for help with his love life. I’ve been following Gwuapo for a little over a month prior to his latest project, From Nothing Pt. 1, and I’m genuinely impressed with his versatility, ranging from upbeat money-waving flows like his most popular track “Lifestyle,” to a deeper R&B wave such as he did with TJ Porter in “I Wanna Know.”

This is hardly the last we’ll see of the dynamic duo that is Jay Gwuapo and TJ Porter, as they have featured in and out on each other’s tracks consistently for the past half year approximately. Each of their collaborated tracks have been hits in the Soundcloud community, surpassing five million streams in total.

This track is a definite hit with relatable themes and luminous vocals that has allowed it to cross and blur lines between genres and amass a staggering 488k streams on Soundcloud in just 19 days.

Stream “I Wanna Know” Below!