i used to – [isomonstrosity] ft. [Kacy Hill]

Isomonstrosity is the experimental artist project of Johan Lenox, Ellen Reid, and Yuga Cohler – and this week they release their first single “i used to” featuring Kacy Hill. Made in collaboration with the International Contemporary Ensemble, “i used to” is an avant-garde release sporting lush string sections, glitchy vocal performances, and brooding piano chords. The track’s complex instrumental arrangement serves as the perfect foundation for Kacy Hill to sing about feelings of loneliness while haunted by her own memory. The group of Lenox, Hill, Reid, and Cohler unite in perfect harmony to produce a soulful pop ballad instilled with a dose of futuristic melancholy only a pandemic could create. With more tracks hopefully on the horizon, isomonstrosity might be one of the year’s most interesting artist projects.

Check out isomonstrosity and Kacy Hill’s new song “i used to” below: