i think i wanna be alone-[mazie]

mazie is an artist who I have been secretly admiring for quite some time now. A couple of months back, I took a trip to Austin, Texas to visit a friend from college to celebrate the end of grad school. As a music lover, it’s a known fact that time with friends in a car is an amazing opportunity for music to set the tone for whatever adventure you’re bound to embark on. After scrolling through Spotify trying to find some tunes to match the upbeat mood we were in, I stumbled on a song called “no friends”. From the moment I pressed play, it was instantly evident at the moment that I may have found one of my favorite songs to date. There was just something about the first couple of seconds that completely got me; it was filled with a mind blowing intro followed by some stellar vocals that I haven’t been able to forget since.

Fast forward to today, “no friends” by mazie has garnered nearly 1.2 million streams on Spotify alone, making mazie one of the most exciting up and comers in the industry right now. If “no friends” was the only song on her discography forever, I wouldn’t even be mad due to the facts that it’s so fire, but today, I’m extremely happy to bring her on our pagers for the release of her brand new song called, “i think i wanna be alone”. The offering that just dropped a week ago has already gained a lot of attention from highly coveted editorial playlists like Lorem. There’s just something about her music that is intriguing a whole entire camp of people and consider me to be a part of it. I was able to grab a quote from mazie about this new song and she explained that,

“i think i wanna be alone’ means so much to me because I had such an insanely fun time making the song with my producer Elie. A couple weeks after finishing the track we ended up spending five days in Elie’s basement with our closest friends making the music video and I seriously don’t think I’ve ever been so proud of/enjoyed doing something more.”

On top of the awesome song, mazie decided to drop a music video to go along with it! Ive added both the Spotify link down below and the YouTube link here, so choose which way you would like to check out this amazing new track and let us know what you think!