I Swear They Hate U – [BBY GOYARD]

If you’re unfamiliar with BBY GOYARD, one of Maryland’s most promising talents, it’s about time that you tap in and understand what you’re missing out on. He’s basically your favorite underground rapper’s favorite underground rapper, and he is appreciated by a cult following that has been growing consistently for years at this point. Despite his growth and success within his blossoming music career, he still doesn’t get nearly enough credit or recognition for the plethora of individualistic styles that he experiments with. It’s almost like every time he hits the studio, he makes a conscious effort to make a song that sounds unlike anything else someone has made in the past. Not only this, but it’s almost like he challenges himself even further to create sounds that he himself hasn’t even made yet. Due to this experimental nature and constant drive to try and invent new styles, he’ll keep you on your toes time and time again and GOYARD basically makes it impossible to be bored with any of his offerings.

Take his latest single “I Swear They Hate U” for example. The beat, co-produced by deceased, blvnts, and snoozed, is created with rhythmic, animated, almost video game sounding synths as well as crisp percussive elements and gentle drums that add a nice tempo but allow for the melody and BBY GOYARD’s voice to ultimately shine through. What makes this song even better, for his early adopters at least, is the fact that he goes back to the classic style that caught the attention of fans early on and truly helped shape the foundation of the cult following I mentioned earlier. This style, which might catch first time listeners off guard, shows his voice being completely pitched up and makes his lyrics come off almost like his words are being fast forwarded. While this style honestly took me by surprise when I was first put onto Lil Shannon, it rapidly grew on me and I appreciated it for its originality before realizing that legitimately no one else is experimenting like this, making it that much more impressive to me.

Although his vocals aren’t fast forwarded, his hasty flows and high-pitched delivery makes you think otherwise, which is impressive in and of itself. When he uses this style, I have heard people make comparisons to Playboi Carti, which makes sense although I honestly feel as if GOYARD is a bit more creative with his flows and definitely more imaginative with his lyrics considering all the wordplays he uses throughout his music. Along with this, his ad-libs are also pitched-up, of course, and the humming that is heard in the background almost makes you feel as if you’re elevated into the clouds and you’re just floating in the sky. It’s honestly tough to pinpoint exactly how to describe this type of music because as I’ve said before, there’s simply nothing else like it. I’m not sure if no one has thought to try it or if they didn’t think it would sound good, but either way, BBY GOYARD is here to break through barriers and prove that you don’t have to be put into some box in order to make good music.

Even in the bio of this song he wrote how he’s going back to his roots, so he knows his origins and the sounds that caught the attention of fans early on, and it’s awesome to see him go back to his humbly creative beginnings and prove that he still has those skills even after all of the inventive sonic styles he has come up with since then. What’s even better if you’re new to the world of BBY GOYARD is the fact that if this song somehow isn’t for you, you can just go to his SoundCloud page and click play on any other track to see a different side of him and his music. He sings in an impressive manner, raps even more intricately, and almost none of his songs sound like a replica of anything else, so there’s always something new to discover and dive into, keeping dexterity at the forefront of his abundant skillset. With that being said, I’m a huge fan of his latest song “I Swear They Hate U” and I definitely hope that you are as well, so check out BBY GOYARD’s latest offering below and see for yourself.