I Need A Man – [Alexia Jayy]

With the sound of R&B constantly evolving and growing every single day, we are able to witness a vast amount of differences in the subject matter of these records. As of late, there has been a lot of singles about self-love and not needing another person to fulfill that love from within, which has been a great reassurance that many of us may have needed. However, it’s still refreshing to hear those love songs that speak to significant others to let them know exactly what they mean in our lives. Alabama-based songstress Alexia Jayy used this as inspiration when she crafted her brand new single, “I Need A Man”.

For a rising star, Alexia has had some pretty amazing co-signs and looks very early on in her career. Getting reposted by Chris Brown, getting to work with Rico Love, and getting a co-sign from Jazmin Sullivan, Alexia is fired up right now and is in for an awe-inspiring career after getting these talented artists to notice her work. Making music was something that was destined for her at a very young age since she was brought up around music her whole life. Inspired by many legendary acts such as Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles, it’s safe to say that Alexia Jayy is aiming for the top and settling for nothing less.

Speaking on the record, Alexia Jayy states:

 “This record is about manifesting the perfect man. Making kings understand that they are needed and helping couples realize that they have a good one on their side.”

Stream Alexia Jayy’s “I Need A Man” below!