i miss myself – [renforshort]

No matter what age you are, no one is unfamiliar with feelings of anxiety, love, heartbreak, passion, or any of the other synonyms that come along with these ideas. Sure, they might take different forms depending on what stage of life you’re in, but they are relatable in plenty of different situations and moments throughout life. I have seen so many artists attempt to bring these things to the forefront of their music, but it often comes off as inauthentic or fabricated, so the sentiment is lost by the time you get into the bulk of a song that incorporates these things.

There is one musician that I have come across that seems to avoid the tacky, forged parts of these things and shows her true self to the world, no matter what that might entail, and that person is renforshort. She is someone that I randomly came across probably around a year ago, and ever since, I feel like her music constantly grows on me even though I was a huge fan from the moment I first listened to her sing. “i miss myself” is the name of her brand-new single, and while it has all the makings of an absolute hit, the story behind it is what truly caught my attention.

Produced by Jeff Hazin and David Pramik, this gentle single allows ren to begin things with her soft-spoken, introspective notes, but eventually turns into a revelation as she builds to this moment of realization and confidence by the end of the record. It doesn’t matter if she is barely incorporating any energy into her notes, as is shown towards the beginning, or if she is belting out her words with all the passion and enthusiasm in the world towards the end because her genuine charisma carries this song from the moment it begins all the way past the record’s culmination because it definitely lingers in your mind and makes you think about your own self-identity as well.

Basically, the message in this track is all about missing the person she used to be, but as time has gone on and others have begun to inhabit her thoughts, she no longer focuses on her own well-being or inner happiness anymore, and this is something that she misses. Although there doesn’t seem to be any sort of solution to this insight by the end of the song, she announced that it is the intro to what I believe is an upcoming project entitled dear amelia, so I know she’ll expand on this ideology more once we are gifted this project in its entirety hopefully sooner rather than later. Regardless, it’s so beyond clear that renforshort is a star who wears her heart on her sleeve, and that’s something I not only respect but also rejoice because it just brings me closer to her music, so I think this is something that you need to listen to whether you struggle with self-realization or not.