i like u-[Eva Grace]

Hyperpop was a genre that was up for much debate last year and now that we’re in 2022, it’s safe to say that this gen-z movement is not going anywhere any time soon. The latest artist to make me a believer is Eva Grace. The up and comer just recently released a song called, “i like u “ that made an immediate impact on me as soon as I pressed the play button on Spotify.

I was able to snag some words from Eva in a short exchange and she explained the song as “…super fun and glitchy/About someone who you have a crush on and it makes you feel psycho.” As soon as you listen for the first time, you’ll understand that her description was very much on point as it excels at including all of the fun elements that people love about hyper pop while infusing her own personal stamp and style on the well produced track.

Eva’s vocals are a nice treat as well as the verses that lead up to the hook are nothing short of infectious. This is a song that’s on the shorter end so it packs a punch in a controlled amount of time, which will make you want to replay this a couple of times in one sitting.

“i like u” was a pleasant surprise and it’s an honor to be able to feature it on our page today. Spotify is down below, so get you hyper pop fix in asap!