I Know, Pt. 2 – [MBNel]

Ever since I was put onto Stockton, California native MBNel, I have been pretty much completely captivated. His story is definitely unique and individualistic, but the way he shares his experiences makes them seem relatable to anyone whether you’re from the streets or not. I also give him props for sharing so many of the hardships and adversities that he has faced because it’s never easy to revisit these moments, and it’s even harder to talk about them while the entire world is listening, so that speaks volumes on who he is as a man as well as an artist.

Although I’m almost a week late to the party, I couldn’t resist talking about his latest release entitled “I Know, Pt. 2”. In the production for this hit, you can hear some telling strums of some sort of stringed instrument, punchy drums, and spread-out claps that are met with what sounds like a tambourine shake that all come together for another candid, honest tale that Nel has to tell. As he spits, his voice doesn’t swing too much and remains fairly level, yet he has this natural quality within the way he talks that just sounds so smooth and musical, and his lyrics just seem to roll off his tongue in a compelling and natural fashion.

There’s also a hint of pain that is almost hidden by his tough outer shell, and although he comes off as being bulletproof and numb to all the tragedies he has had to live through, it’s obvious that these things still affect him each and every day. Nonetheless, many of these events have turned him into the man he is today, whether they were good or bad, and he recognizes this fact and even welcomes throughout every single song I’ve heard from him thus far.

Along with this single comes an awesome Suzymadeit-directed visual that is definitely a much watch, but I don’t think my words would do it justice so it’s just something you’re going to have to see for yourself. Aside from this, it’s so clear that MBNel has amassed an insane following on the West Coast and his music is spreading like wildfire across the country. It’s only a matter of time before he’s mentioned in every music conversation listeners can have, and what makes it even better is the fact that he truly deserves all the flowers he has been receiving in recent memory. After a big year in 2020, I can only imagine 2021 is going to be even more massive, so make sure you get caught up on anything you might’ve missed in MBNel’s musical world right after you check out “I Know, Pt. 2”.