I Know – [O2worldwide]

Today I am happy to introduce the Lyrical Lemonade readers to a group out of Oklahoma that I have been silently geeking over for the past few months. They go by O2worldwide and they’re one of the most exciting rap collectives that has yet to pop up on most people’s radars. Their most recent single “I Know” is chill yet incredibly bouncy, a perfect summation of their overall sound. The group is made up of longtime friends that came together as they all were passionate about putting on for where they come from, this type of relationship is what makes their music stand out so much. Each song has them easily trading off verses, each member brings something a little different to the table but the combination each artist makes them one of the most fun new listening experiences I’ve had this year.

This song features three stars in the making from O2 who all shine bright in different ways. Ombachi is the group’s main producer and is the mastermind behind the beat, beyond the beats he also closes out the song with one a perfectly crafted verse that shows he is also one of the group’s most talented writers as well. TheDarkSkinRapper is the other lyrical star of O2, his verses always feature intricate rhyme schemes that appear as if he is barely giving any effort to his delivery but truly shows how great of an emcee he is. The smooth vocals on the hook come from Alley Coop, who has been on our pages before. He has a voice that always stands out no matter what the backing track is, cutting through the slow jazzy beat and brings brightness to a somber song that all revolves around difficulties communicating with girls they’re crushing on.

Along with the single, the group delivered some visuals that perfectly represent the laidback nature of this song. The O2worldwide crew is posted up somewhere in Oklahoma, where you can find them often as the group as they finished high school in possibly time ever leaving them to focus purely on the music. When a group of talented young artists are also the best of friends, the chemistry becomes extremely apparent in the music. That might be my favorite part about O2, you can feel the fun that the group has creating their music when you listen. With the past few releases they’ve had, the future is incredibly bright for O2worldwide. Don’t be surprised if they’re the next collective to skyrocket out of Okalahoma to the stars, it’ll happen sooner than you think.

Stream “I Know” on all platforms here and watch the video below!