i just wanna dance – [she loves boon] ft. [loe4t]

It’s not easy whatsoever in the current state of hip-hop to come across someone that you can confidently say doesn’t sound like anybody else in the scene. While there are a variety of emcees who have their own little tells or put an individualistic spin on their music, there are just way too many people taking a stab at creating songs to really stand out from the pack.

This is why, when I come across someone that I know for a fact is in a lane of their own, doing things of their own accord and not giving a damn about what anyone else has to say, I am always going to root for them. Whether they believe it or not, they’re an underdog simply because it is way too easy to just jump on the internet to hate on someone than it is to show your support. I hate this cliché and I wish it was the complete opposite, but that’s just the way things are, and there isn’t a singular way to change this.

As for she loves boon, he either doesn’t look at things this way or he uses them as fuel to keep going and pushing harder because there isn’t a single song that he has put out that doesn’t exude the utmost confidence as he shows just how uncharacteristically imaginative he is. His latest song “i just wanna dance” showcases this perfectly, and considering he teamed up with loe4t to bring an instrumental to life that is equally as out of the box as boon is, this song was destined to be a slapper.

Dreamy and inspiring, boons vocals ring out all the way to the people in the back as he almost shouts reverberated lines in the hook, calming things down in the verses to expand even deeper on his heavily altered, pitched-up vocals that had my attention piqued from the moment I heard him for the first time. It feels like every new release boon puts out, he’s getting better and better, and although I never feel like I do his creative endeavors justice, I am exhilarated to see which massive moves he is going to make in as little time as even a year from now!