If you’ve followed along with my writing over the past couple of years, you should know that lil aaron is one of my favorite artists in the underground. Not only do I think he should get way more credit than he does for blazing a trail for all the new, younger generations of artists to break through barriers and do their own thing, I think he should get more attention for the various writing credits he has for some of the biggest names in music as well. Most recently, he dropped his project YEAR OF THE DOG which became one of my favorite projects of the summer in the blink of an eye, and while I’ve been constantly listening to this ever since, you can only imagine my excitement when I saw that he dropped a music video for his song “I JUST REMEMBERED I HATE YOU”.

Directed by Danin Jacquay, the camera pans into what looks like a dollhouse, taking us directly into the room that aaron is sleeping in. rolling around, aaron looks lost with his surroundings, not realizing where he is until after taking a look around the room. A first-person camera shows him getting up and looking around, putting on his shoes to possibly leave, but when he heads to the bathroom, there is green slime all over. He seems to throw up, vomiting even more of this green slime into the sink, and as he tries to piece the night together, the woman he was with wakes up. It turns out that she’s more of an alien-like character than a woman, and when she gets up, she reaches for a massive axe. aaron then has to beg for his life to no avail, and the alien woman swings, chopping his head off before she picks it up by the hair, letting even more green slime drip out instead of blood, pretty much rounding out the entire video.

While I’m one of the many people who think aaron can do no wrong musically, this visual is another great example. It’s not only inventive, well put together, and expands upon his constant obsession with the color neon green, but it shares the story of the song in a very out-of-the-box, peculiar way that I found to be overly appealing. Of course, this song is one of my favorite off of the project, so that definitely helps, but I just think overall it came together perfectly and the execution was remarkable. Whether you’ve listened to YEAR OF THE DOG or not yet, make sure you carve out some time in your busy schedule to check out lil aaron’s latest music video for his song “I JUST REMEMBERED I HATE YOU”.