I Had A Love Song-[Ant Saunders] feat. [VanJess]

“I Had A Love Song” is a brand new track by Ant Saunders that is worthy of your time on this Monday afternoon. Ever since the release of his debut EP, “BUBBLE”, I’ve been itching for some new music by the rising superstar and today, its my pleasure to bring this fresh offering on to our pages. 

When you listen to Ant’s music, it is very clear that he puts his heart and soul into every piece of production and catchy melody. What we’re witnessing is a kid who allows his raw emotions and feelings to be the primary driving force of anything he touches. The reason why so many of his fans connect with and support his music is because there is a certain humility and practicality within the songs that empowers others to chase their dreams in the way Ant has. Ever since stepping on the scene, Ant has wasted no time in creating timeless tunes and “I Had A Love Song” is just the latest on that list.

The two-minute and thirty-seven second track featuring well-known recording artist, VanJess is nothing short of a triumph. The music video that goes along with it adds so much light and perspective to a completely full piece. The love song ballad highlights the best parts of Ant while using the amazing inclusion of Van Jess as a powerful compliment. It makes no sense how beautiful the harmonies are in this piece. The simple yet vibey production allows Ant and Van Jess’ vocals to bounce beautifully on top of the beats. Their voices are effortlessly floating and its just something you have to experience. 

I’ve attached the Spotify link right here for “I Had A Love Song” as well as the music video link at the bottom of the article. Check both of them out and let us know what you think!