I H8 U!!! – [Alice Gas]

One of the most telling facets that modern underground music has in store during its rise to prominence is its incorporation of a seemingly endless amount of sounds, styles, and influences from an equally endless amount of sources. Acts today are taking inspiration from anything and everything they please, and the best of these artists are doing so in a completely nuanced and never-before-seen manner.

Bridging the lines between all things past and present, Alice Gas is defining her very own place in this light as an absolute one-of-a-kind talent — one that is seeing her sense of creative optimism strengthening with each and every track she comes through with. Though the eclectic producer and performer alike has already cemented her place as one of the next most essential acts of the future with her past projects and singles alike, she has been progressing forward ever-so-elegantly with her successive string of releases as of late in particular.

Her latest cut “I H8 U!!!” is arguably one of, if not her absolute most impressive yet from a variety of different angles. Championing all things happy hardcore and break-centric alike, she practically takes all of her most present influences and combines them all into one swift and unmatched offering with this track, culminating in an unforgettable and simply outstanding single as a result. 

What begins as a typically momentous build to a blistering drop near the beginning of the track eventually turns into something of a sonic playground that Alice just embellishes her entire being within, with drop after drop hitting the listener’s ears throughout the rest of the song in its entirety. These surprises keep building on each other in such a seamless way, all culminating in a final breakdown that features these extremely abrasive and distorted instrumental choices that surround some deep and guttural lows on the vocal end — perfectly contrasting with the cipher and blissful high-pitched ones that lead the track off.

If there ever were to be a cohesive showcase for all that Alice brings from a talent-based level alone, this track would be the one to play that role in the most adequate manner imaginable. She truly pulls out all the stops here in what can only be described as the perfect sampling of what really makes up this generational talent as we see her today with this track, and if that sentiment fails to ring true for some odd reason, then the track itself makes up for it by being simply remarkable on its own.