I Guess I Am Toxic – [Shaudy Kash]

I first got hip to Detroit, Michigan’s Shaudy Kash a little over a year ago completely by chance as ripped audio of his Top$ide produced track “Showed Them N*ggas” populated on my SoundCloud shuffle and quite quickly I was taken by first and foremost the stripped back, delicately woozy instrumental that Top$ide cooked up, which reminded me of if someone tried to make a Detroit/CashCache beat, as the drums are sparse and not at all overwhelming. This allows Kash to get bar after bar off with his nonchalant, conversational delivery and his lyrics clearly show that he has a ton of knowledge and maturity in general that Detroit’s sarcastic and threatening rap scene oftentimes brushes to the wayside. Kash is able to communicate his deepest feelings, thoughts of ambition, anger, and disappointment in a calm and even-keel manner that stands in stark contrast to the more frenetic pace that his Motor City contemporaries rap at. In his new visual “I Guess I Am Toxic” he breaks down a struggling relationship where he comes to realize that he and his partner are the very definition of ‘toxic’ that is so ubiquitously nowadays used but at the same time is ubiquitously practiced so I don’t have much of a problem with this rather trite theme because it is all too prevalent in real life, and the musical content reflects that.