I GOT BARss – [SEBii]

If there’s one person in the entire music industry that knows how to innovate and change things up in order to keep listeners on their toes at all times, it’s SEBii. He has become one of, if not my favorite up and coming acts, and while his sound might be an acquired taste for some listeners who are afraid to venture off the beaten path, he’s just one of the most entertaining and creative musicians out there. Because of this, it makes him just so easy to root for, and considering his online antics are always enjoyable as well, he’s someone I need to show as many people as I possibly can.

While he is no stranger to hyping up unreleased music through various snippets online, his latest teaser was definitely one I couldn’t wait for. Luckily, it’s in our hands and it’s actually called “I GOT BARss”, and the full version couldn’t have come out any better, in my own opinion. Produced by a slew of underground hitmakers like umru, vvspipes, kimj, and zetra, things begin with a very electronic, hard-hitting instrumental that contains 808s and other percussive elements that just combine together for one of the most ruthlessly aggressive instrumentals I think I’ve ever heard SEBii spit on.

Even though SEBii has shown off a few different sides, I feel like a gentler, more blithe side of him is what is usually on display, so I wasn’t sure exactly how this would combine with the beat. I shouldn’t have even thought about it, though, because he is a master of his craft, getting almost belligerent with his deliveries on this track and showing a different, more assertive side of himself that not only works perfectly on this type of production, but it expands on his already extremely diverse and extensive skill base that I think is vastly underrated. Not only this but his wordplays and lyricism are at an all-time high on this record as he mixes in a few comical lines with other witty, out-of-the-box lyrics that are as compelling as it gets.

While this side of SEBii might be a rarer version, it’s just another reason to love the up-and-coming emcee. He just has this natural allure about himself that even with a very uncharacteristic style of music, he is able to captivate audiences easily, and that’s a huge reason why he’s constantly growing his fanbase on a daily basis. When I heard the snippet of this song on his Instagram page, I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see it in all of its glory, and now that it’s here, I couldn’t be more excited about the outcome. With that being said, I won’t even give you the option to listen to “I GOT BARss” or not, it’s a song you need in your life whether you realize it or not, so go and check it out immediately.