I Forgive You – [Tommy Newport]

As we all know, the summertime calls for a fitting soundtrack to go along with the season, and here to provide just the right sound is an artist by the name of Tommy Newport with “I Forgive You”. Set to the tune of sun-soaked guitar riffs and a voice that encapsulates the feeling of the warm weather, this song immediately identifies itself as a summer hit. Newport effortlessly breezes through the instrumental without ever taking his foot off the gas in regards to the alluring rhythms, and in such a way, listeners are hit with a wave of sounds that feel like a warm, sunny day on the beach. The visuals follow this sentiment up with imagery of Tommy Newport and his friends skating around LA, perfectly content with the simplistic fun that comes to fruition in the summer. That being said, this release is truly something special, so be sure to listen to “I Forgive You” at the link below and follow Newport on Twitter here!

Director: Emily Kretzer
Video Producer: Chieff Bosompra
Song Produced by Tommy Newport & 4th Pyramid