I Don’t Wanna Be Famous – [NNAMDï]

I won’t keep beating the fact that Chicago has the most diverse, talented pool of musicians in the entire world because I know that’s a fact that I have typed time and time again, so you’ve probably clued into this fact by now. Out of everyone here, though, NNAMDï is one of the most underrated, over-talented individuals I can think of, and while his cult following is always cheering him on, I love when he drops something new so I can join in on the fun and talk about something that is always going to be unique and unforgettable.

After announcing a new album set to release on October 7th called Please Have a Seat and his signing to a label called Secretly Canadian, he surprised us with an insanely addicting new self-produced record called “I Don’t Wanna Be Famous”, and this is one that I can’t relate to, but I somehow understand at the same time in this strange way. Obviously, I’m not famous, but NNAMDï talks about not wanting all the attention while still wanting the money and listens, and this is something that so many artists probably agree with, but they just don’t talk about it.

While this record is nothing short of intoxicating, the Austin Vesley-directed music video really piqued my interest more than I was expecting. It begins with a paparazzo sneaking onto NNAMDï’s property and sneaking up to his massive mansion. No matter where he goes in this giant estate, he simply can’t find any privacy, eventually giving the freelancer what he wants and taking pictures prior to a few still shots being shown of the emcee beating him up and giving him what he deserves, from NNAMDï’s perspective at least.

From here, the rapper leaves his home and heads out into the public eye where he’s greeted by blinding lights and constant camera flashes. Finally, he steps into a clear area to pose, but tomatoes are thrown at him, ruining his outfit and I can only imagine his confidence. Even after the hate, people are still bombarding him for pictures. I think this was a wonderful encapsulation of what it means to be famous, and why it isn’t always something you may wish for no matter how bad you may want it, so this is once again a release from NNAMDï that you’re going to want to check out as soon as you possibly can.