I Don’t Think I Love You Anymore – [Julia Church]

I don’t think I love you anymore” is about the freedom that comes with resurfacing after a heartbreak. That feeling of untethering from someone who consumed your thoughts and realizing how empowering it is to no longer need them. For years I found myself pining over someone that, I realized, I didn’t even really know anymore. The chasm I felt didn’t really exist, It was just the memory of an old love that kept me anchored until I was able to let go of it.  I wrote it like a journal entry and every lyric has specific personal significance to me. I wanted to be as honest as possible” Julia Church

South Africa native / London based artist Julia Church makes her Lyrical Lemonade debut with a highly-personal offering titled “I Don’t Think I Love You Anymore.” The talented songwriter and producer shines vocally over piano-led, melancholic production, which gradually transitions to a more upbeat vibe as her lyrics intensify. The chorus is simultaneously sung tragically and beautifully; Church’s words represent cathartic relief from a relationship she no longer desires. Overall, “I Don’t Think I Love You Anymore” certainly isn’t the most optimistic in tone, but any listener can agree that the best of Julia Church’s musical qualities are brought out on this mature record. Have a listen below!