i don’t rap! – [Poorstacy]

In my personal opinion, at the rate that Internet Money has been pumping out hits, I don’t believe they could do any wrong even if they tried. Throughout their dexterous roster, there are a number of musicians creating some of the most individualistic music and although almost none of it sounds the same, their common connection is IM. Poorstacy is one of the wildest yet most intriguing members of the collective, and he has been a name I’ve paid attention to ever since first hearing him on label mate Iann Dior’s song “Urself”, and ever since hearing his incredible contribution to the Industry Plant standout track, I haven’t missed a single offering from him. He just never does anything that’s expected of him and doesn’t do things by the book which keeps fans on their toes and has given him the opportunity to show off the incredibly wide range of talents he possesses.

Once again, he caught me by surprise by releasing two new tracks in the form of a miniature EP of some sort entitled i don’t rap!, and he even specifies that it’s a leak in the title, even though they were uploaded to his official SoundCloud account. Although I was clearly excited to see a couple of new songs, I was even more enthralled when I found out that he got the Internet Money masterminds Nick Mira and Taz Taylor to bring these masterpieces to life. Although Taz only assist on the first track “Off My Ass!”, he brings an incredible new sound that not only pushes Stacy out of his comfort zone but also helps bring the best out of the South Florida-born artist.

For this record, a rustling, cash machine sound that I’ve heard underground hitmaker F1lthy utilize many times in the past plays in a loop. Although this might be very strange to continuously repeat, piercing percussion and resounding synths truly add an incredible rhythm that sets a precedent for Stacy to show off some of his signature aggression and attitude. Although he has been known to sing in a Punk Rock-inspired fashion, he ditches this delivery and opts for a much more ruthless, hard-nosed cadence that shows off his Rap skills unlike ever before. His flow is smooth and consistent as his words just bounce right along with the instrumental in an effortless yet captivating manner. He never takes time for a breath or a break throughout, delivering constant bars that begin on a downbeat during certain lines but end right on time in an unexplainable yet impressive way.

Nick Mira offers up his individual talents for the second track “Walked In!” where he utilizes mysteriously poignant synths of some sort that are elevated by the dark, almost haunting bassline in the background. Stacy raps hastily yet again, this time offering up some background ad-libs and vocals that sound echoey and couple with his more pure, unaffected main vocals flawlessly. He doesn’t use a regular, consistent cadence for this record, but rather spits a slew of quick words that eventually end with a rhyme, but some of the lines are definitely more extensive than others. As with a lot of his songs, it’s hard to put them into words that can perfectly encompass all of his skills correctly because they are so out of the box, you just have to hear them for yourself to be able to understand where I’m coming from. In the second verse, he begins to stretch his words out slightly longer than before, opting for a bit more of a melodious delivery before going even further off the rails, gifting us with some incredibly rapid bars that truly show off the wide array of aptitudes he has become known for.

Although Poorstacy might not be one of the most recognized names on the Internet Money roster for the casual music listener, those who dig deep and know the entire IM team know exactly how special his talents are. While I typically tend to lean towards his more Punk-inspired, guitar-heavy tracks, I completely appreciate and absolutely love the Rap tracks he makes that are more so along the lines of these records. His personality and unapologetic demeanor are on full display, and when he allows himself to go crazy and run wild, that’s when I feel like he’s truly at his best. Either way, Poorstacy makes so many different types of music that he’s sure to have at least one song that can appeal to any casual fan, so if he isn’t on your radar quite yet, you need to start tuning in and listening up to the myriad of his insane talents. No matter which style of his you enjoy the most, you’re sure to appreciate the two leaked songs he gifts up with i don’t rap!, so make sure you check these hits out as soon as you find some time.