I Don’t Mind – [Co-Stanza]

It’s no secret that good vibes are at high demand right now; Look no further though as today’s latest Lyrical Lemonade addition brings just that.

Jack Costanza, who goes by the name of Co-Stanza is an emerging artist that I believe people need to take notice of. The Chicago area native just dropped a track that is more than worth a listen. The new offering, entitled “I Don’t Mind” is a piece that will instantly lift your spirits up due to its infectious production (Val & Peter Fenn) and catchy melody. What also shines throughout this one is Co-Stanza’s dynamic and unforgettable vocal talents. With the production being as good as it is, you would think it would steal the show from any type of vocals but Co-Stanza proves himself to be a more than effective singer/songwriter during this 2 minute song. This song just works in all of the best ways and I’m so happy that I’m able to bring it to our pages today.

I’m really excited for Co-Stanza’s career. This new release proves that the sky is the limit for the up and comer. If you want to check out “I Don’t Mind”, I’ve attached to Spotify link down below, so give it a listen and let us know what you think!