I Deserve – [Smino] ft. [NOS.]

If you somehow haven’t gotten familiar with St. Louis native Smino by now, there is so much you need to catch up on. Not only is his music straight up incredible, but he is just so smooth, easygoing, and completely full of swag, something that comes naturally to him which is incredible when thinking about all the different artists who seem to force these things into their music. He just seems to flow freely and let the wind take him wherever he feels like going, and there hasn’t been a single song that he has put out that is any less than incredible.

Most recently, Smi teamed up with NOS. to bring their brand-new song “I Deserve” to life, and considering I never miss out on new music from the legendary emcee, there was no way I was going to pass up on this one either. Produced by FATBOI, WU10, and Kal Banx, the instrumental incorporates some airy, ambient synths with a touching piano melody as well as some vocal chops that create an unbelievably solid foundation for Smi to go in and do his thing however he wants, but you already know it’s going to be perfect.

When he begins to spit his first verse, he starts out with a somewhat melodic, tuneful delivery that switches up to a quicker, more fast-paced cadence once the beat drops and the drums enter into the picture. Slowing things down in the hook to stretch his notes out once again, he brings things to new heights with his always unique croons before switching up his flow once again in the second verse, constantly keeping things fresh with his dexterous flows that he always expands upon in every release he puts out.

NOS. only provides a bridge in this one towards the end, matching Smi’s soothing vocals with his own spin, rounding things out remarkably well. Smino is never someone to even think about sleeping on, and “I Deserve” is yet another perfect reason why, making it a song you need in your life as soon as you get a chance to listen.