I COULD GET HIGHER – [DavidTheTragic]

Making his first appearance on the Lyrical Lemonade site since 2021, this article marks a long overdue return to the page to Atlanta’s, DavidTheTragic. After consistent releases dating back to 2018, DavidTheTragic has been leaving his mark on the underground music scene for quite some time while successfully building a steadily growing fanbase over the years. Originally featured on the Lyrical site for his single, “Dancer”, back in May of 2019, DavidTheTragic has since grown to be a staple within the Atlanta rap scene with multiple collaborations with Kenny Mason, Mercury, and more. I say that to say, for any underground hip-hop heads reading this right now, this is not going to want to be an artist or project you’ll want to miss.

Following the release of his ethereal single, “HIGHER”, and the accompanying music video in May, DavidTheTragic blessed us yet again with 2 more records to put the final touches on his recent 3-song EP, “I COULD GET HIGHER”. The first of multiple EP’s to be released this year by DavidTheTragic, “I COULD GET HIGHER”, features a familiar production sound (particularly in “HIGHER” and “CUT ICE”) that we’ve heard out of Uzi, Carti, and even Yeat (with its own Atlanta twist). Highlighted by David’s familiar signature vocal tone that we’ve come to know and love, “I COULD GET HIGHER” follows a similar trend of quality music that I’ve heard from him time and time again since first becoming a fan of his artist project last year when he dropped “LOWERSELF”.  And although all of the records pack their own unique punch, as time has passed I’ve found myself resonating with the second record off the project, “SPINACH”, the most, for it’s unique bounce and laid back nature which feels rare in the sonic realm that DavidTheTragic generally experiments within. 

With that in mind, taste is subjective so it’s only fair that you get the chance to pick your own favorite using the streaming link below!