I Can’t Shake – [DJ Lucas]

Hailing from Western Mass, DJ Lucas and his small town appeal form together to make one of the most eclectic, riveting waves in rap music right now. There truly are no other artists to compare the Dark World frontman’s music too and today, he’s here to showcase this unique trait with a new single entitled “I Can’t Shake”. Produced by frequent collaborator Shy C, this melancholy offering reminds us of the art of chemistry in music. Lucas floats right over Sly’s guitar-led production, and by delivering an array of sad, illustrative bars, he offers fans one of his best singles in some time with this one. The farm boys are listening, underground rap is listening, and DJ Lucas is perfectly fine with catering wonderfully to both crowds in his usual, compelling nature as a human. Listen to “I Can’t Shake” below and follow DJ Lucas on Twitter here!