I Can Speak Spanish – [Jimothy Lacoste]

Jimothy Lacoste is an artist surrounded by authenticity and happiness. His tagline, “life is getting quite exciting”, shines through on every new release, and no matter how small or large the happenings of his life might be, he’s always down to celebrate. Today, Lacoste brings forth this pure joy on his newest release, “I Can Speak Spanish”. The bilingual effort finds our hero dancing all around the beautiful sights on Spain while letting his girl know that he knows how to speak multiple languages. It’s simplistic, yet with bright melodies and infectious drum patterns to back the vibe up, it’s the kind of song that demands to be listened again and again and again. Jimothy Lacoste is a star in the making, so be sure to catch up with his latest release at the link below and let us know what you think in the comments below!