Hype Hop 003 – [Eva Shaw]

Eva Shaw is one of the most boundary-pushing artists I’ve come across in recent memory. Luckily, not too long ago she returned with her latest visual masterpiece, a three-part music video titled “Hype Hop 003”. Eva is known for her distinctive, fashion-forward music videos, and she continues to push the envelope in order to captivate audiences with her one-of-a-kind artistry in this one. Each part brings a distinct visual experience that accompanies the 3 included songs while showcasing Eva’s love for art and her relentless commitment to breaking expectations.

The first installment, “WOKE B [Hype Hop Edit]”, sets the tone with its swift, gritty, and edgy aesthetic. Eva effortlessly rocks unconventional outfits that stand out amongst the backdrop of modern and industrial settings. This part of the visual seems to encourage viewers to embrace their individuality and exude confidence, no matter where they are or what they’re doing.

As the video unfolds, a recurring storyline emerges through a man who symbolizes the challenges and barriers female producers in this industry face. This narrative thread ties all three videos together as he relentlessly chases Eva, as a way of representing the obstacles she encounters while navigating her path as an independent artist. Despite his efforts, Eva’s spirit and toughness shine through, as she navigates her course despite the constraints of societal norms.

The second highlighted record, “SOLO [Hype Hop Edit]”, presents a contrast to the previous segment. Drawing inspiration from the 1950s, Eva embraces experimentation and rejects the conventions of mainstream pop music. Exploring the dynamics between women and men in the industry, her portrayal challenges the status quo and favors a path of discovery and self-expression.

“Midnight Strangers [Hype Hop Edit]” is the final portion that takes viewers into a post-apocalyptic world where the songstress is all alone. This part of the video appears to symbolize her freedom from negativity and the breaking of boundaries. Although challenges appear, Eva faces them at her own pace, leaving the negative energy behind without focusing too much on them.

Eva’s “Hype Hop 003” 3-part music video is a testament to her imaginative vision and commitment to pushing the boundaries of her own creativity while challenging others to do the same. Each portion offers a specific visual experience as well as a statement, and that’s something I greatly appreciate. I know I’m a couple of weeks late to the party, but this is certainly more than just a music video. It’s an experience that I highly suggest you watch as soon as you can.