Hustla – [Hustla Ru] [Icewear Vezzo]

Atlanta has dominated the Georgia music scene for years and years now, serving as the new Mecca for rap music in the twenty-first century, producing endless waves of talent and forever and continually innovating the sound of the genre’s mainstream, but over the past year or so more and more talent has been kicking in the door from beyond the Atlanta-metro, between the youthful Lil Darius from Athens, Rot Ken from Augusta, or JMB Juvie of Waycross. In every area Georgia has been loading up talent quickly but today we are focusing in on Albany’s Hustle Ru who has been incredibly consistent for well over a year now, aiming to put himself and his city on the map and introduce the world to South Georgia. He recently teamed up with Icewear Vezzo for his track “Hustla” which is easily my favorite song I have heard from Ru yet and really like his flow here and his southern drawl accents the beat perfectly and he chose a great feature with Vezzo whose delivery and subject matter mesh with Ru perfectly. Hustla Ru is all the way in his bag right now and is stacking up views quicker than ever and looks poised to make a huge leap into the mainstreams consciousness here in 2022.