Hush Mouth – [Ola Runt] [Young Nudy]

We recently profiled Atlanta rapper Ola Runt on his latest visual for “Church Cry” but today he is back with a new track featuring his East Atlanta collaborator Young Nudy. Runt and Nudy have obvious chemistry on their track “Hush Mouth” and this goes to show exactly how infectious Runt’s delivery is. Both of them delivery respectively grimy verses and Nudy offers one of the better verses I have heard him give on a feature. Ola Runt also gives what is possibly his best-recorded verse yet, and this has me very very excited to hear the music he has to come. This instrumental is a masterpiece from the drums to the creepy melodies and ominous bell sounds that punctuate the rigid percussion. At this point, Ola Runt is as close to a sure thing to blowing up as you get as he has consistently built up an audience and carved out in-roads with Zone Six royalty.

Stream “Hush Mouth” at the link below.