Hurts Like Hell – [Lily Fitts]

As we all know, TikTok has become a life-changing resource for artists over the past couple of years and there are few up-and-comers as of late who’ve been reaping the benefits of the platform more than Lily Fitts. The 22 year old, Boston-based artist has been on an absolute tear recently and it couldn’t have come at a much better time as she just finished up college and can now focus fully on her bright future in music. After catching wind of Lily’s music when she posted a snippet from her unreleased song, “I Know What It Isn’t”, back in mid-May, my anticipation for her first original song to drop had built up to the roof, however I didn’t have to wait too long as just last month she unveiled a flawless debut single that I’m thrilled to be highlighting on the site today. 

An indie-pop anthem that we all need to familiarize ourselves with, Fitts’ “Hurts Like Hell” is one of the strongest debuts that I can think of in recent memory. A tonal quality that incorporates rich flashes of soul and gritty rasp, we hear Fitts stand out from others in her lane with her distinct delivery and thoughtful storytelling approach. Disclosing a brutally honest tale about a previous relationship where she was betrayed, Fitts made it clear that she hopes that the person who hurt her regrets what they lost. A catchy and empowering tune for anyone looking to get over someone who’s done them wrong, Fitts shows us that you don’t always have to take the high road and conceal how you actually feel as she spits out her inner-dialogue and true feelings. A relatively minimalist production and instrumental, all of the attention is on Fitts in “Hurts Like Hell” and I have a good feeling that the spotlight will continue to find her as this record grows and she continues to unveil new music moving forward. In the meantime, check out “Hurts Like Hell” below!