Hurt-[Sabrina Lee]

Growing up in Northern Virginia, the music scene wasn’t as big as an LA or New York City, but nevertheless, the small and dynamic community right outside of Washington, D.C. still boasts some promising talent. Today, nothing brings me more joy than getting to showcase an artist who is from the 703 area code just like me.

Making her debut onto our pages is 17-year-old electro pop singer/songwriter, Sabrina Lee. The up and comer just dropped a brand new song entitled, “Hurt” and its an impressive showing to say the least. Her vocals are extremely soothing which makes it easy for the production to compliment her style. “Hurt” is a banger from start to finish and it doesn’t let up in any capacity. I was able to grab a quote from Sabrina and she explained:

“This song displays a unique perspective on the feeling of heartbreak. A relatable “Maybe I did this to myself” kind of feeling. “Hurt” is a song that proves that maybe pain doesn’t always come from a significant others actions, but maybe the feeling within oneself.”

Sabrina did her thing on this song and I’m so proud to say that she’s from my hometown. The brutally honest and self reflective piece is just testament to her artistic maturity and I’m so excited to see her development. If she continues to drop songs of this caliber, her future is definitely bright! I’ve attached “Hurt” down below. Give it a listen and let us know what you think! Enjoy!