hurt myself – [Tommy Ice] ft. [Powfu]

As the new year begins, I always reflect on the past 12 months and try to figure out some of my favorite moments in music throughout that time frame. While there are numerous up-and-comers that I found out about, there are still so many talents that I have grown even more as a fan of, and this has seemed to be a theme over the past handful of years when thinking about my admiration for Tommy Ice’s music. He is one of the first artists I was put onto when I dove deep into underground music about a half-decade ago, and even during years that could be considered slow for him, I find myself flocking to whatever streaming service I can when I find out that he released something new.

There’s just something about his messages, deliveries, and artistry that strikes a chord deep within me, and the often melancholic yet hopeful messages he delivers have gotten me through some tough times, so he’s going to constantly be one of my all-time favorites no matter what. Leading us into 2022 on a high note, Tommy decided to team up with Powfu to release a brand-new single entitled “hurt myself”, and these two proved without a doubt in my mind that they were meant to work together, and I hope this relationship only continues to grow in the future.

Within the production, there are some soothing guitar strums combined with an upbeat drum and percussion progression that is an undeniably wonderful foundation. As these two talents make their way throughout the record, they seem to switch off portions, expanding upon one another’s messages while vibing off of their individualistic energies, combining for one of the best songs I have heard all of last week. The acoustic sound that is apparent in this track just seems to bring the best out of both emcee’s vocals and pushes them to do their very best, making “hurt myself” by Tommy Ice featuring Powfu an essential listen as you get your new year started off on the right foot.