Hurt Everybody: Lost Footage

Nearly two years ago I hosted & curated the first Lyrical Lemonade show, ever.  This event took place on February 21st of 2014; the lineup consisted of acts such as Logan, Taylor Bennett, Alex Wiley, Max Wonders & many more.  Yet, there were two names on this bill that were special in particular – those being Supreme Regime & Supa Bwe.  Supreme Regime was a collective consisting of 4 artists: Jessiath, Loud Mouth, Carl & Mulatto Beats.  Supa Bwe was a solo artist at this point in time. 3 days prior to the show, I received a phone call that Supreme Regime had disassembled, but that Jessiath & Loud Mouth would still be performing as “Supreme Regime” one last time.  Within these 3 days prior to the show, Supa Bwe & Carl had connected on a couple songs under the name of Hurt Everybody.  This newfound collective went on to perform at the show, and left the 90 person crowd completely speechless.  Supa’s melodic vocals & Carl’s futuristic lyrics blended beautifully; It was clear that these guys were on a mission for greatness.  A couple short months later, Hurt Everybody had their first appearance ever at SXSW, a music festival in Austin, TX.  This is where Mulatto joined the team, making Hurt Everybody a dangerous trio.  As time went on, these guys established themselves as one of the most unique, cultured sounds to ever come through the city of Chicago.  They built one of the most diverse, loyal fan bases who were sure to fill up any venue.  They created a family here in this city.  Some people will never understand, but if you know – you know.  Two full length projects deep along with a handful of EP’s later, Hurt Everybody has decided to split.  As heartbreaking as this is, we would like to wish these guys the best of luck with their independent endeavors moving forward.  I thought it was only appropriate that I throw together some miscellaneous footage of Hurt Everybody that I captured over the years to essentially recap their accomplishments and growth.  There really isn’t any structure with this piece, it is just something that we can all watch and smile to – I think we all need that.  Check it out below, farewell Hurt Everybody.